Before I tell you all about this mini training, let’s talk about who it's really for…

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By the end of this mini training, you'll finally be able to...

Stop the behavior charts, rewards, and threats that aren't working.

Get through a lesson without being interrupted.

Know exactly how to help those few kids who are keeping the rest of your class from learning.

Here's the thing... there are so many people out there that will tell you they have the "solution" to student talking. But there's no magic fix for the constant interruptions.

Here's why this training is different...

You need to figure out why your students are constantly talking

You need to understand how to respond to students in a way that actually changes their behavior, instead of just reacting to it

You need to make a plan for how to teach them the skills that they’re missing

Here's what you'll get in this jam-packed mini training...

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Ready to finally stop the constant talking and have more time to teach? I'm your girl!

Have you ever had a class where you just wanted to throw in the towel?

Me too. My journey with classroom management started with me ugly crying in a supply closet.

4 years into my teaching career, I had a class I couldn’t manage.

They were OUT. OF. CONTROL. Running around the room, egging each other on, throwing things at me, hitting me, screaming, completely ignoring me… you name it, they did it.

One day when my kids were out for recess, I had a full blown meltdown in the supply closet. My best teacher friend must have heard my sniffles, because she found me in that supply closet and gave me some advice that changed everything.

She said, "There's no magic wand, and the Cavalry isn't coming."

While that felt a little harsh, it was the truth. I could throw in the towel and give up, or I could get up, dust off my leggings, and make a change.

From that moment on, I dedicated every spare minute to researching behavior. I learned about proven strategies for classroom management and changing behavior. I put all of those techniques to work in my classroom and turned the school year completely around.

Now, my classroom is used as a model for other teachers to learn about behavior management strategies. I absolutely love helping teachers successfully manage student behavior, so they can help students and focus on teaching.

There's no magic wand to fix student behavior, but this mini course will make it feel like there is.

On the fence? Here's what people who have taken my courses have said...

"I can't believe something so simple and easy to implement can be so much more efficient than all my previous, complicated systems."

"This is a training that you will look forward to, enjoy, and get a lot out of!"

"I wish I had this class in college before I started teaching. It would have saved me a lot of tears. I am so glad to have found it now though rather than later! The material was very practical and truly changed my mindset about behavior."

The choice is yours...

You can keep banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to get your students to stop talking while you’re teaching.


You can finally learn the steps you need to talk to have more focused instructional time and save your sanity.